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Infographic: How Asteroids Can Save Mankind

Asteroid mining is a real profession now. Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries are actual companies, staffed with real engineers, and backed by some incredibly wealthy individuals. The ultimate goal of these new commercial space startups is to enable the delivery of raw materials and water, sourced from asteroids, to earth orbit. This will open the door to space-based construction projects such as orbital solar arrays, fueling depots, and interplanetary spacecraft that will never touch the surface of the Earth. It turns out that exporting just about anything out of Earth's gravity well is VERY expensive. So if we want to truly open the next Frontier (and we do) then we will have to start where every explorer before us has...by searching for valuable resources. Check out this infographic that shows what we will be searching for.  

How Asteroids Can Save Mankind
by Neomam.